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    Casey H., USA

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Maybe you're dreaming about a cruise ship job but don't know how to get started.

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How much do they pay?

Where do you apply? 

Do you have enough experience? The right type of experience?

Are you too young? Are you too old?


Perhaps you've sent off a few resumes and never heard anything back.

What went wrong?

How can you get recruiters to notice your applications?


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  • I used one of the letter templates for my cover letter and was contacted by a cruise line within 24 hours! I had the interview and got hired to work for an Australian cruise company. This is the best site I have visited for employment opportunities in the cruise line industry.
    Lian J. from the United Kingdom

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If you' re ready to get hired for a fantastic job on a luxury cruise ship, you've come to the very best place to succeed. Inside you'll find EVERYTHING you need to apply, interview and prepare for a cruise ship job you'll love. When you JOIN NOW, you'll get instant access to:

  • Cruise Industry Job Board

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    A complete, worldwide directory with up-to-date contact information for more than 200 cruise lines, official cruise line hiring partners, and concessionary companies.

  • Recruiting Events

    Dozens of cruise ship job recruiting events, auditions and open interviews around the world.

  • Job Descriptions

    Understand hiring requirements, qualifications, duties and compensation for jobs in every cruise ship department.

  • Crew Member Profiles

    Interviews with dozens of crew members from a variety of positions and cruise lines. Get an inside look at how to get hired and have a successful cruise ship career.

  • Downloadable Tools and Resources

    Cruise ship job interview questions, resume/CV and cover letter guides, templates, examples, checklists and more.

  • Thank you so much. I couldn't have done this without your website. It only took me two weeks of job searching to get hired. All the materials and information on this site are invaluable! Thanks again!
    Tony C., USA

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  • 7 guidelines for maximizing the effectiveness of online applications

  • and a treasure chest of additional tips and tactics to help you get a cruise ship job.

  • After only two weeks applying, I had six interviews planned. In one week alone, I had interviews with Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean and they both wanted to hire me!!! This was within one month of applying!!! It is real, this website is a great help! I made the choice to start working for Royal Caribbean!!
    Margot N. from Holland

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